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What is the Number One Fundamental in Hockey Training today?....Skating  

Skating is the foundation of Hockey, if you can't skate, you can't play the game

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Improve Your Skating - Stride Strength, Speed & Technique

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The PowerSkater teaches proper skating mechanics. It is like having a Power Skating clinic in your own home. When training for hockey focus on your skating skills. Develop stride power, stride length, speed, quickness and agility all in one skating machine in the comfort of your own home. Why pay hundreds of dollars each year for power skating clinics or hourly sessions on a skating treadmill that can potentially hurt your skating mechanics. Incorporate a PowerSkater into your hockey workouts with just 15 minutes of time on the machine 3 - 4 times a week. If you want to get to the next level, the PowerSkater is a proven product to take you there. Used by the Pros at the NHL, KHL, AHL level and more for the past 12 years. Develop skating power in your hockey skating and take your game to the next level

Power skating coaches throughout the country all teach the perfect skating mechancis as shown in the picture below. The PowerSkater works on the muscles used in skating. With repetitions the player gets mind memory and muscle memory of the proper skating mechanics.

Perfect Skating Mechanics: Low Profile, 90 degree Leg Bend, and Full Leg Extension

The PowerSkater is the best kept secret in hockey today. It's that "can of whoop ass" to make your hockey player an elite skater. We have teams with 4-5 parents on the team who own PowerSkaters for their player and they never tell the other parents that they own a PowerSkater. We have coaches at the Junior level who will not give us a testimonial because they do not want another team owning their secret weapon and improving beyond their players.

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