The PlayBack Extreme is unlike any other Medicine Ball Rebounder on the market because it is more than a rebounder, it is a complete Plyometric System!

Square footage in any clinic is a premium, so why not do more in less space? Why have a just a rebounder against the wall taking up space when you are not throwing medicine balls up against it. We turned our rebounder into a machine that becomes a Step Up Platform; a Balance Station; Side Angle Platform for Plyometric Exercises; Upper Extremity Cords for Upper Body Treatments or Exercises; Lower Extremity Cords for Lower Body Treatments or Exercises, Wheel Kit to move it into a convenient space; and a Weight Horn for Heavy Ball throws – our unit will not jump every time a ball is thrown at it; and the Frame has Mat material to protect the floor as well as for Grip; What possibly more could you want in a 9 Sq Feet of Space/

The PlayBack Extreme comes with:

  • PlyoPlate – Furniture Grade Plywood Plate with Mat material
  • Upper Extremity Cord System – Standard Cord with Handles
  • Lower Extremity Cord System with Waist Belt
  • Two Tier Ball Rack
  • Set of 5 Gel Filled TuffFlex Medicine Balls (2#, 4#, 7#, 11#, 14#)
  • Wheel Kit
  • Weight Horn


A Medicine Ball Rebounder taken to the EXTREME!