Pricing, Product Codes, Description


Single Skater – Basic Unit 

Includes: Foot Platform; Standard Cord

Single is a Single Track of a PowerSkater

 PS100 PowerSkater Basic Unit

PowerSkater – Basic Package

Includes: Standard Duty Cord Set


PowerSkater – Elite Package

Includes: Standard, Medium,

Intermediate, and Heavy Duty Cord Sets;

and Crossunder Attachment

PSA28 Light Duty Cord Set $50.00
PSA38 Standard Duty Cord Set $64.00
PSA36 Medium Duty Cord Set $68.00
PSA35 Intermediate Duty Cord Set $78.00
PSA34 Heavy Duty Cord Set $84.00
PSA88 Crossunder Attachment $135.00
PSA90 Protective Mat (PowerSkater only) $85.00
PSA98 TEKNObar with Belt $285.00
  Single Skater Cords  
SSA28 Light Duty Cord $30.00
SSA38 Standard Duty Cord $34.00
SSA36 Medium Duty Cord $38.00
SSA35 Intermediate Duty Cord $48.00
SSA34 Heavy Duty Cord $52.00