What is the Difference between a PowerSkater Elite Package and a ProSkater?

The PowerSkater Elite Package is a Basic PowerSkater with 3 additional cords (Medium, Intermediate, and Heavy Duty); Double Crossunder, and a Mat. This is the original skating machine set at a 90 degree configuration with a locking mechanism at the front of the machine. Used by all ages with particular focus on teaching proper skating technique. The user cannot make a leg push until the returning leg is all the way to the front of the machine. The locking mechanism also stabilizes the glide leg during the push.

Power Skater Mounting Plate keeps the unit at a fixed angle

The ProSkater is a completely different skating machine. The ProSkater comes with all the options: 3 cords (Medium, Intermediate, and Heavy Duty) and the Double Crossunder. The ProSkater adjusts the angles of the tracks from 90 degrees to 180 degrees. There is no locking mechanisim in the front and the player needs have a strong core in order to control each movement for if you cannot stabilize the glide leg under each push the player could do the splits. This is for elite players with maturity and strength. Because there is no locking mechanism the user can go as fast as they want and can push before making a full return.

ProSkater Adjustable Plate allows to adjust the angle