PowerSkater Product Options & Accessories

PowerSkater Elite Unit includes: Standard, Medium, Intermediate, and Heavy Duty Cords, and Crossunder Attachment



PowerSkater (Basic Unit)   

The PowerSkater is made from heavy-duty extruded aluminum and steel. Each foot truck glides smoothly down the track on eight polypropylene wheels. Special resistance cords of varying strength and varying attachment points provide multiple resistance levels. The basic unit comes with Standard Duty cords. The unit weighs approximately 85 lbs. Shipped by UPS. The basic unit is the same unit that is used for a 8 year old up to the Pro; the only difference is in the optional cords that would be used per the level of the athlete (8yr old uses red cords and the Pro uses black cords).

(Dimensions: Triangle Shape 8’ 3” Base, 5’ sides, 3 1/2” high off floor, 4’1” from front of the machine to the back).

Resistance Cords

Specially designed resistance cords are offered in 4 different weight ranges: Standard, Medium, Intermediate, and Heavy Duty. Different ages require different strength cords. Selecting the appropriate strength of cord relates to your strength level and the purpose of your training, be it skating technique, or strength & conditioning, and power.

Resistance Cables | Standard Duty, Medium Duty, Intermediate Duty, and Heavy Duty 

Standard Duty Cord
This is the standard cord that comes with every PowerSkater. Used by ages 7 – 12 & provides basic resistance for teaching technique and strength training. Also used for Rehab of all ages & with the crossunder

Medium Duty Cord
The medium cord is for skilled players from ages 13 to recreational adult, who want more emphasis on conditioning as well as training technique. Also used with the crossunder attachment. (Optional)

Intermediate Duty Cord
For the more advanced, and higher skilled player from 17 and up, who plays at the AAA Midget Major, Junior, College and well conditioned adult player levels. Emphasis on strength and conditioning as well as training technique. (Optional)

Heavy Duty Cord
This cord is for the Highly Skilled player at the Junior A, College and Professional ranks. (Optional)

(Warning: DO NOT use this cord unless you are in top physical condition at the Advanced Skill Level)

 Lateral Crossunder Attachment (optional)

Lateral Crossunder Attachment (optional)

This is the world’s first machine which forces you to stand and balance while building strength specifically for crossovers. The Lateral Crossunder attachment allows users to build strength, power and quickness in the crossunder movement pattern. You can see this movement pattern in a variety of activities beyond skating. The Lateral Crossunder Attachment is a must for all skaters, but athletes from any sport which requires changes in direction will benefit from this type of training.

The PowerSkater tracks squeezes in between the crossunder platform base holding it firmly in place. Purchased as a single or double platform unit.

 Protective Mat (optional)
Protect your flooring or floor covering when using the PowerSkater. The mat also helps stabilize the PowerSkater by preventing it from moving or slipping on smooth surfaces. Reccommended for concrete, wood, linoleum, or any other smooth flooring surface.

PowerSkater Protective Mat (optional)