The SkATE Program, Capturing the Pro’s Hockey Moves …

New Electronic Measurement System to measure your physicality during exercise

…And Transferring Them To Every Player On Earth 



Skating Analysis Testing Evaluator | Powering Athletics

Currently, there is no device used to evaluate skating technique, stride length, skating endurance, and comparison between left & right legs in a skating biomechanics setting. Trainers assess players based on a many abstract requirements borrowed from other sports like weight lifting and track*, because that is the standard; not because they believe this is a true way to test the level of mastery in the many skills needed to play hockey well.

But that’s about to change with the introduction of SkATE, an acronym for the “Sk
ating Analysis Testing Evaluator” a platform that will record the most winning hockey player’s mechanical movements to form a standard or benchmark, to which other players can model themselves. It will also be used to test player potential by providing a detailed biometric footprint against which they can be evaluated in a standardized, repeatable and accurate manner.

 SkATE: Digital Capture, Archive, And Transfer Of The World’s Best Hockey Skating Mechanics

Powering Athletics has a proven skating motion training product that consistently molds a hockey skater’s stride, posture, force levels and other mechanics. This plyometric (using varying force elastic bands to provide the correct resistance across the players stride) trainer has been used by hockey professionals and amateurs for over ten years. It’s maker, Powering Athletics, is now adding electronics to the device to capture skating:

-Stride Length
-Stride frequency
-Stride power levels
-Anaerobic capacity / endurance
-Comparison between legs of the above factors
-Drop off strides Analysis of stride technique / mechanics

The mechanical component of SkATE will physically attach electronic sensors to the PowerSkater to measure movement in distance and time for each track as well as the installation of a electronics portal in a secure and safe location.

The digital electronics component of SkATE will use advanced biometric motion detection sensors to measure a selection of a reliable sensing mechanism to detect movement, length, time, and frequency of each truck movement on each track and the selection of electronic components for portal design to capture and interface with a common lap top computer.

SkATE will use an computing platform to analyze movement – user, load (weight resistance selection), length, frequency, time, comparison between each side, skating mechanics analysis (waist to ankle measurement) (distance and height calculation to analyze depth of stride mechanics), chart all of the above, and calculate power in watts; all in a set block of time on the device.

Establishing A “Digital DNA” for the Best Hockey Skating Mechanics

Our goal is to use SkATE to establish a data base profile, gleaned from the technique of the some of the world’s best and most successful hockey players. This data will be categorized into different skating styles, conditions, skater physical attributes and the like to allow coaches and players in training to analyze and then emulate these winning biomechanical dimensions. Our plan is to make this data available on an ongoing basis, with regular updates based on additional capture sessions with both professional and amatuer skaters that have proven their worth. The current state of SkATE is that we have developed working prototypes and are now in the commercialization phase. For those individuals and organizations that wish to participate in making SkATE available on a widespread basis, we encourage you to contact Powering Athletics and Peter Twist. We are looking for interest and help from the following groups:

– Professional hockey teams, players, trainers and coaches to serve as skating models and to provide input into how the data can best be presented for training

-Skating biomechanical specialists to help us refine our data collection algorithms and analysis

-Those who are interested in purchasing the finished product for use in their training, coaching and recruiting programs We desire to be able to put athletes all over the world on the SkATE device to collect, measure, analyze, and evaluate our criteria laid at the beginning of the project. We are inviting any and all interest and help in making this ground-breaking effort a reality.

Speed, Power, Endurance with a PowerSkater

The SkATE program will create the first digital database of the skating mechanical movements of the world’s best hockey players which coaches, trainers and players can then use to emulate. *For example, the National Hockey League’s (NHL) Central Scouting Group uses the following equipment to test players: Grip Strength Device; Weight Bench; Medicine Ball; Vertec; Timing Mat; Flexometer; Bike; and VO2 Max machine to evaluate potential recruits