The TEKNObar forces players into perfect skating mechanics 

The Player is held in place at the front of the machine by a Belt and Strap forcing them to stay at the apex of the machine . The can not move up and down during the pushing and return phases as well they are prevented from sliding backwards and down the track. Technically, they are forced into proper skating biomechanics. (Note: Older Model shown here,)

TEKNObar on a PowerSkater | Powering Athletics

The NEW TEKNObar Option consists of an Extruded Aluminum Support base with a 36″ high Extruded Aluminum Round Upright and Handle with a Waist Belt and Strap. The height is adjustable on the Upright with a Sliding Lock Down and the Strap attached to the Athlete. Adjustable to accomodate various player heights and sizes.

Price – $285.00

TEKNObar T-Slot with Belt s    TEKNObar Belt S