What are the Pros and Parents saying about the PowerSkater?  


Peter Twist, president of Twist Conditioning and 11 Year Strength and Conditioning Coach, Vancouver Canucks (NHL), said that he believes the PowerSkater is a natural fit for the conditioning needed by hockey players.

“The PowerSkater is a multi-purpose piece of equipment in that it can provide dry land conditioning for professional players by helping them develop speed, strength and endurance, while at the same time teaching skating stride and mechanics to younger players,” Twist said.


Twist, an exercise physiologist and sport scientist who has authored numerous books on athlete development, published over 100 papers and delivered hundreds of lectures on sport-specific training, said that the PowerSkater is a unique machine. “The PowerSkater helps athletes develop skating skills, while also providing a unique exercise opportunity,” Twist said.


I love your product for it is practical, cost effective, proven and portable too. Where a kid lacks ice time it’s a very good substitute. I wish every arena in the US had a unit or two to teach kids proper skating technique..Your passion and your vision in helping your son is very touching. Your son proved the product is successful. It just plain makes sense! – Lou Vario, USA Hockey, Colorado Springs, Colorado


“Last summer I taught a player that has trained extensively on the PowerSkater Dryland Training System. In all of the forward skating drills, at moderate to top end speed, he consistently demonstrated full extension combined with rapid leg drive. When the group of high performance skaters were challenged with new drills in complex movement patterns, his technique remained consistent. I recommend the PowerSkater Dryland Training System to players wanting to enhance his/her skating stride technique, because skating is the most important hockey skill.”

Barbara Aidelbaum, President

Barb Aidelbaum Skating Schools Inc.

Vancouver, BC Canada


“Having worked in the National Hockey League for 15 years as a conditioning coach, it has always been a challenge to simulate the skating movement in a gym environment for my players. The introduction of the PowerSkater was an easy sell because of its sport specificity. It has been useful in our facility for the pros right down to the young pee wee players, as a result of the multiple levels of resistance that the unit can provide. The PowerSkater definitely provides the bridge for training between the off-season and on ice competitive season”


Lorne Goldenberg, Former NHL Strength & Conditioning Coach with the Quebec Nordiques, Colorado Avalanche, Ottawa Senators, and St Louis Blues, and Owner of Strength Tek and the Athlete Conditioning Center.


“My Dad invented the PowerSkater to help teach me proper skating technique. I have been using the PowerSkater for 12 years now and it has been a big part of my training and success as a player. I grew up in Ft. Wayne, Indiana where I played youth hockey, played for the Notre Dame Hounds in the Saskatchewan Junior Hockey League, and I am now a Senior and Captain (2010-2011) of the Iowa State D1 Hockey Team. I highly recommend using the PowerSkater in your program”

Cort Bulloch, Captain Iowa State Cyclones, D1, Hockey Team, Ames, Iowa



Dr. Peter Drennan, DO

I am an Internal Medicine Physician and played both hockey and soccer along with other sports in my younger years. This included being defenceman and captain of a Massachusetts state championship team in 1973, a year in prep school after high school playing varsity soccer, hockey and baseball, as well at Providence College I played the center midfield and captained that team in 1977.

The PowerSkater is a great all around tool for all ages and many sports (of course some of us should get clearance from the doctor) and I have used it to allow me to play in alumni hockey games even when I don’t have the time and knee to play intramural hockey anymore. I cannot imagine an ambitious young player who did not have access to this device. Though I was fortunate to have a natural skating stride, many skaters do not and this device can give them the chance to find that stride. Without it many players will not reach the potential they are dreaming of, or experience the speed and power of skating at a higher level. I hope you sell many more as the money spent to skate with the best is worth every penny!


As a single father of two rabid hockey players, as well as a former Youth Hockey Association Executive Director, I have long recognized the benefit of both additional on ice and off ice training in regards to player development.

Hockey coaches do not have the time and in some cases the ability to instruct on proper skating technique. They are too busy trying to focus 16 to 23 kids on one particular topic or system play. They are not provided the ice time nor the training to provide this added level of player development – even though this is often mentioned as one of the key attributes of a great hockey player.

I initially turned to professional skating instructors and power skating camps (and associated videos). We did realize improvements in skating technique and in skating speed – however these improvements were somewhat fleeting. What I mean is improvements were generally short lived. As creatures of habits we revert back to our comfort zone – not necessarily the new habits these instructors seek to provide players.

I came across the Power Skater and was immediately caught up in the simplicity of it. I purchased it years ago and have personally seen the advantages it provides. My boys’ speed increased by at least 20% or more. They have consistently been in the top three in terms of skating speed on every team they have tried out for. Scouts have commented on the high level of skating ability my kids possess.  I bought a second Power Skater when my oldest moved away to play as a 16U Midget and shipped it off with him.

Can the Power Skater be the sole reason? Maybe – maybe not – but I can tell you this – there is no better product on the market with a better company (a hockey family like us) standing behind the product. I could not and can not afford a personal skating instructor on an on-going basis. I am not a good skater – in fact I’ve never played hockey. I do however know about player development.

I believe in the product and advocate its use for anyone who is truly interested in upping their game, regardless of where the skill and desire of a particular player takes them.


Matt Blondin

former Youth Hockey Executive and

father of a recent NAHL draft pick


The PowerSkater is a perfect tool for all ages to analyze biomechanics, become more energy efficient and ultimately a faster and better balanced skater.

Mark P. Kling, M.D., F.A.A. EM, S.S.C.S.

Former NHL Conditioning Coach Chicago Blackhawks


I wish to commend the designer of PowerSkater. This is the first true off-ice training device to simulate a skating stride.

In my past, I have been to many power skating/hockey schools. I learned the proper technique of skating, but to be able to practice was extremely difficult for many reasons, i.e. ice time and cost. Now with the PowerSkater in my home, I believe a skating stride can be perfected. I played professionally in the International Hockey League. Like many other minor leaguers, I was not fast enough nor did I have the skating ability to make it to the next level. With the PowerSkater, I know a youth, teenager, college, junior and pro player can improve their stride and skating technique that will add speed and endurance.

My 13-year old son had short choppy strides prior to using PowerSkater. In training 10 to 20 minutes a day, 3 to 5 days a week, he has lengthened his stride, which has produced more speed. Those two achievements are great, but PowerSkater has also given him more confidence. One might ask how a training device that takes up minimal space in my house could achieve so much. With his newfound speed and longer stride, he has also found tremendous balance. Balance allows a player to go into the corners, drive to the net and check without slowing down. When one adds all the progress together, it totals more confidence. Everyone knows the more confidence one has, the easier your goals can be achieved, not only as a hockey player, but in everyday life. My son went onto play in the NAHL for the Fairbanks Ice Dogs in Fairbanks Alaska, he now plays for the Holy Cross NCAA D1 Hockey Team.

In closing, I would like to thank the engineers behind PowerSkater for this great training machine. It will always make me wonder if it were invented 20 years ago, just maybe I would have made it to the National Hockey League.


John Baldassari, Indiana


What the trainers and athletes are saying about the PowerSkater:

“I would have to say that it is the best piece of exercise equipment I have ever bought. When I am not on travel I skate a simulated game every night – 30-40 strides over 30-45 seconds followed by 20 pushups and 20 wrist curls. Then repeat for 15 shifts – which is what I average in a rec game. Before actual games I use the machine to get stretched out and when I hit the ice I feel like a million bucks.

Last week I had a men’s hockey tournament – we played 5 games in 40 hours and I never got tired and felt great all weekend. About half my team came to the house and all of them used the machine and they loved it. I’ve already worked my way through the blue band from a resistance standpoint and have the stride down. It took about three extended sessions to get comfortable.

I stretch out and do resistance training with the other positions on the machine prior to and following each simulated game.

I am starting my son on the machine before he starts his hockey camp. I wanted to wait until I was comfortable before I got him on it.

Hopefully after another few months I can work up to the black band or at least to where the black and green cross over on the lower settings.

I will be introducing the machine to my middle school team in August just to reinforce what I’m looking for in terms of the knee, back, and arm position on the stride.

Paul – Virginia


The PowerSkater has proved to be a great training tool. Pro-Fitness originally purchased the skater to dryland train our hockey players. We are now using it to train all our athletes. As well our women clients find the movement of the skater particularly good in hitting those trouble areas of the hips, gluteus and hamstrings. As a Strength and Conditioning Coach and Personal Trainer I am finding the skater to be very versatile. We use it as a warm up, a great anaerobic interval with jump rope or a straight cardio-vascular workout for a change from the traditional treadmill or bike workouts.

Our clients love it and I like the fact that here we have a tool that requires balance and core recruitment along with anaerobic and aerobic conditioning, all in one apparatus. Thanks for having the PowerSkater available.

Brian Herosian, CSCS, PT CPTN.

Owner Pro-Fitness Training

Winnipeg, Manitoba


As a personal trainer specializing in hockey specific conditioning, I have used the PowerSkater with pro’s at the NHL level, WHL, BCHL and youth. My clients and I truly believe the PowerSkater is the closest thing to on-ice skating on the market. The conditioning benefits are endless for athletes and weekend warriors and with the difference in cord resistance you are able to accommodate each individuals strength level. With increased strength, balance, endurance you are guaranteed to improve your stride/game play at any level. I also love to use the PowerSkater as aerobic/anaerobic conditioning for clients who are not involved in hockey and with the ability to do conditioning with one leg at a time, it increases my library of exercises. I cannot say ENOUGH regarding the PowerSkater, it is a must-have for individuals/personal trainers serious about hockey conditioning. I have purchased two PowerSkater systems and know in the future I will be adding to this number!

Rhonda Catt (Shunter)

BCRPA certified personal trainer

Sports performance specialist, Excelerate certification Level 1

Vernon, BC


I purchased the PowerSkater unit earlier this year, (2003) and can tell you without a doubt it is the best piece of sport specific equipment I have ever seen.

Originally the thought was to purchase the system to aid my son in his skating technique while strengthening his lower body. Over the past 10 weeks we have seen a marked improvement in both areas. The side benefit of increased conditioning will become more evident as we move through the summer and into next season.

The one area I was not focused on at the time of purchase was how much it helped me. For the past 35 years my skating style could best be described as a stiff legged. The PowerSkater has aided me in breaking down old habits while building the proper muscle memory for a much-improved stride.

The PowerSkater can be used by players of all ages. Whether you are just starting out in skating or you are looking for an edge as an emerging prospect, or even if you are a 40 something career house leaguer, this unit is well worth your investment.

Paul Liut,

Coach, Sun County Midget Minor AAA

Lakeshore, ON


Subj.: the “power” of the power skater

I want to thank you for your great Power Skater product. My son tried out for high school hockey his freshman year and didn’t make the team. He was devasted at first, then angry, then determined to make it the next year. He found an advertisement of the Power Skater in a hockey magazine and hounded my husband and I to buy it. We were very skeptical about spending $600 on something he may only use a few times but we didn’t want to deny his optimism. He received it last spring and religiously used it. In late summer he began hockey again and coaches were commenting on his improvement and speed. In late fall he tried out for the high school hockey team. In late winter he received his varsity letter. This spring he ordered the heavy duty cords for his Power Skater. His coach came over to check out the Power Skater. He was impressed. We, on the other hand, just want to compliment you for selling a great product that helped our son develop a stronger/faster skating stride.

Sue W., Centerville, MA.


I purchased the PowerSkater in the fall of 2000 for my 9 year old boy.

Combining the use of your machine, and a Power/speed skating camp we attended last summer….along with working on repetition on the ice, his skating and mechanics improved dramatically.

I sincerely believe the muscle training your machine develops, both in strength, and muscle memory is critical for anyone who truly wants to be a good hockey player. As we all know, it all begins with good skating. The arm swing and full extension is something you rarely see with young skaters, or even higher levels.

We recommend the PowerSkater for anyone who is serious about the game.

My little guy could not make 2 minutes, the day we set up the machine, and his posture was terrible. He now does over 20 minute sets with perfect mechanics.

Thank you!

Glen B., Wisconsin


My son has been using the PowerSkater for approximately 3 months. The change in his skating has been dramatic. He used to short stride on one side, which caused him to lose speed. After using the PowerSkater for only a few weeks, his stride evened out and his speed increased tremendously.

My sons stride has become longer and his upper body and arm motions go from front to back rather than side to side which has also improved his speed, made his skating smoother and he does not tire as quickly.

My wife and I use it too, although we do not play hockey. It is a great workout. We are thinking of ordering your intermediate cord. I have suggested your machine to a number of parents and coaches. Hopefully, they will order from you.


John B., Florida


My son has had power skating instruction, over speed training, resistance training and tread mill training. They are all helpful to some degree, but the benefits are short-lived as bad habits creep back into his form and slow him up. With the PowerSkater, he continually improves his stride in the comforts of his basement at his convenience. My advice is to save the money you would spend on 2 summer camps and invest in the PowerSkater to create a lasting skating stride making your child the fastest on his team. It is the best hockey investment we have made.


Scott W., Minnesota


In the fall of 2000, our son, Jack, went out for a Bantam Travel A hockey team. It was obvious during tryouts that Jack was one of the weaker skaters. His strides were short, forcing him to take too many steps to cover any given area, which caused him to tire quickly. The coach was up front about Jack’s weaknesses as a skater. However, he was willing to give him the opportunity to play on the team as long as he continued to show the same effort he did during tryouts.

Over the years, Jack has attended several hockey camps to improve his skating technique; however, due to lack of available ice, the benefits he gained at the camps were quickly lost without the opportunity to practice what he learned. Fortunately, Jack’s coach recommended the PowerSkater.

The PowerSkater forced Jack to address and correct bad skating habits by developing the proper skating technique through correct posture, proper arm and leg movement, correct shoulder and knee positioning. Through repetition of the correct techniques, Jack developed good habits, which increased his skating speed, increased his stamina, and, more importantly, increased his self-confidence.

I believe the PowerSkater is an excellent form of land training that guarantees the development of proper technique allowing anyone to reach their optimum skating ability. The PowerSkater is a training tool, which should be used not only during the regular hockey season, but more importantly, during the off-season to ensure the technique remains a natural movement.

John S, Indiana


I have owned your PowerSkater for 3 months. I have personally used it 5 times a week for 20-30 minutes each session. My skating strength has increased 100%. I would recommend it to all serious skaters! I have three young sons, 4, 7, 9 and will look forward to adding it to their dry land activities. My 9 year old has been introduced to the PowerSkater, as he gains strength he will be able to use it more effectively. I particularly like the crossunder attachment, it allows me great isolation for developing muscle strength in x-over’s and x-under skating.

Please feel free to have any potential buyers contact me. I believe this is a great dry land tool.

Steve B., Wisconsin


Thanks for the video “Dry Land Conditioning of Mind and Muscles for Skating”. It was very informative.

My 3 boys use the PowerSkater and it is a big part of their conditioning program. They continue to get faster and are a lot stronger on the puck.

The PowerSkater is certainly worth the investment and I am impressed with the quality.

If you need a reference, I would be happy to be one.

Chris C., Ohio