Background of the PowerWristor forearm system

As a physical therapist with an avid interest in Hand Management, Tom Kascak worked for 8 years in hand care when he developed the idea for a rehabilitation device specifically for the wrist. After four years at Yale-Hew Haven Hospital, two years at Park City Hospital (Bridgeport CT), and four years atTemple Physical Therapy (New Haven, CT), Mr. Kascak had a broad range of experience in hand care. The caseload he treated was diverse with diagnoses of arthritis, arthroplasty, burns, neuroplsasty, tenoplasty, crush, Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy, replantation, and more. 

Treatments such as static and dynamic splinting, exercise, heat, ultrasound, and massage were all components in the successful care of upper extremity problems. Unfortunately, attempts at dynamic splinting of the wrist were not as successful as those of the hand. Likewise, prefabricated splints in small, medium, and large were inadequate. Experimenting began with a platform that provided dynamic splinting and exercise. Once that was accomplished, work proceeded on ways to customize the fit for a wide variety of patient sizes. Features were changed and adapted upon the input of patients and therapists. Over the next few years, a United States Patent was applied for and received. The prototypes have been used for several years at a number of private and institutional settings.

The PowerWristor®, forearm extensor flexor system is the result of many years of this experience and research. PoweringAthletics® manufacturers a wide range of athletic products used for rehabilitation, training, and strength and conditioning.