Hockey Shot Trainer with Intermediate Duty Cord (Jr. College, Pro)

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Hockey Shot Trainer

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The ActivityTrak Hockey Shot Trainer Package is the first hockey shooting device to train hockey shooting with a unique tracking concept. Unlike other tubing products that have been used in the market, the ActivityTrak Hockey Shot Trainer Package uses specially designed resistance bands and pulley system to follow the travel of the stick movement. The load remains constant through the full range of motion. Practice the Wrist, Slap, Snap, & Backhand Shot


  • Comes with the Intermediate Duty Rhino Cord (Jr. College, Pro)
  • Heavy Duty T-Slot Aluminum Extrusion Wall Track
  • Aluminum T-Slot Floor Leg
  • Quick Adjustment T-Slot Lockdowns
  • Heavy Duty Progressive Resistance Rhino Cords
  • Two Cord Tracking Design to follow Stick Movement
  • Stick Blade Strap with Velcro fastening