PowerVertex Standalone – Basic

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PowerVertex – Basic

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Product Description

The PowerVertex is a Resistance Band & Pulley Machine with specially designed resistance bands called Rhino Cords. The cords are configured to a 7 1/2′ (228.6 cm) Octagon Column that is fastened to a Heavy Steel Base and T-Slot Legs. The unit is a standalone structure that is not fastened to a floor. 8 Athletes or 8 Patients can exercise at one time. The PowerVertex becomes the Athletic or Therapist Partner for you can pull or push a resistance band (load) anywhere in the 7 1/2′ high column.


  • Includes 8 Rhino Cords (2 of each) – Standard, Medium, Intermediate, & Heavy Duty. All with Block & Pulleys and 1 Handle at each end
  • Heavy Duty Octagon T-Slot Extruded Aluminum Column 90” High
  • Heavy Duty Extruded Aluminum T-Slot Legs
  • T-Slot Lock Downs for easy Cord Adjustment (3 per Track)
  • Industrial Oval & Pear Snaps for easy attachment
  • Dual Sealed Ball Bearings in each Pulley