Strider Plus – Pro Package

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Strider Plus – Pro

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Product Description

Rehabilitation of the Back, Hips, Groin, Knees, and Ankles – The Strider Plus is a one track design with a Foot Platform at one end of the track and a Foot Carriage with 8 wheels. With its unique relationship of resistance vectors and user’s posture, the Strider will promote quick and strong stabilization of the ankle, knee, hip and back. The Strider Plus is a closed chain system that provides controlled horizontal resistance while the user maintains a vertical posture. With nothing to hold on to, the user must learn to maintain a balanced posture while forcing their trunk to develop a true “power-stabilization center”. Comes with a Foot Press Plate, Abduction/Adduction Platform, and Stability Bar.


  • Heavy Duty Extruded Aluminum Tracks
  • HD Extruded Aluminum Trucks with 8 Wheels on each truck
  • Smooth Rolling Truck action with 2 Sealed Ball Bearings in each Wheel
  • Steel Mounting Plate secures both Tracks at the Apex of the machine
  • Large rubber mat based foot platform
  • Adjustable Foot Rests from 30 – 45 degree pushes
  • Stability Bar with 3 positions for balance
  • Foot Press Plate with 3 Angles
  • Abduction/Adduction Attachment
  • Concentric & Eccentric Loaded Movement with Progressive Bands