Leg, Knee, Hip Rehabilitation, Calf Ankle Rehabilitation, Arm and Shoulder Rehabilitation

Sliding Carriage – Constructed from the Single T-Slot Extruded Aluminum Structure, mounted on 2 Truck Assemblies with 16 Wheels with sealed ball bearings for smoothness of travel, durability , and long life.

Main Frame & Legs – Constructed from the 4 T-Slot Extruded Aluminum Structure. Bottom Base consists of a 10′ Wide Extruded Aluminum Plate covered with HDPE Plastic.

Resistance Bands – The 4 Rhino Cords provide Progressive Resistance and are Easy to Adjust at the Front of the machine. A Hand Hook is provided to attach the Cords for the desired weight combination. A Color Coded Chart is within eyesight of the Adjuster to make it easy to select each colored cord.

Adjustable Seat – Use the Seat in the Supine or Seated Position. Seat adjusts to 5 different settings.

Press Plate – Constructed of Extruded Aluminum with ribs for foot grip

Carriage Handles – Aluminum Round Extrusion provides for a firm Grip along side the Carriage

Low Profile – Easy On and Off for all patients with special needs