First Ever Slide Board made for Skating. New Jr. Design to the PowerSkater Family

PowerSkater Lite

This Economical Skating Machine is designed for 5 – 12 year old players. The PowerSkater Lite teaches your players proper skating mechanics. The stability handle at the front of the machine allows young players to hang on to the bar while they push back in a skating movement on a sliding truck down the track. The trucks have an angled platform for foot movement just as you would move your foot in skating. When training for hockey focus on your skating skills. Skating is the foundation of hockey – if you can’t skate you can’t play. Develop stride power, stride length in the comfort of your own home. Get one today!

PS Lite Side Action View SJ  

Start your young player off on the right path with a Skating Slide Board. Learn to Skate. Incorporate a Skating Slide Board into your hockey workouts with just 15 minutes of time on the machine several times a week. Young players will learn the correct push and build up strength to be able to skate properly. Why pay hundreds of dollars for skating lessons when you can own a skating machine for your home and your son or daughter can learn without travelling to the rink for extra lessons.

 The standard slide boards do not teach the skating movement, as a matter of fact a player can learn the wrong movement. This revolutionary machine combines the economics of a slide board with the unique design of the PowerSkater in order to allow very young players to learn skating technique.