Get Your Young Player Off to a Great Start with Perfect Skating Form 

Learn Power Skating Technique, Form, Mechanics, and More…

The Perfect Beginner Skating Tool – Skating Slide Board, for ages 5 – 12

The PowerSkater Lite is designed at a 90° angle and can be adjusted to 160°. Foot trucks, with felt pads, slide down a track long enough to provide a full leg extension. When the foot is returned to the center position, the truck automatically returns to the starting position ready for the pushing foot to be in the glide position. Now the alternating leg is ready to be extended out for a similar movement.

A full extension cannot be reached without the glide knee bent at 90°. If the arms and shoulders are moved simultaneously forwards and backwards, the skating movement is performed. The design simulates skating in an exaggerated posture. The PowerSkater Lite is not designed for fast speeds like a treadmill, but rather for controlled technical movements. It is recommended that you follow the instructions provided to improve your technique and help correct bad habits.

The PowerSkater Lite is made of Extruded Aluminum with a HPDE surface for each track. A Stability Bar attaches to the front for young players to keep their balance while they execute each skating stride. The tracks can change angles from 45 degrees and up per your personal preference. Low profile, durable design. Optional cords for ages and weighted resistance. The extruded aluminum foot trucks glide smoothly on Felt Pads with side nylon Wheels to keep the Truck aligned.


Lite Mounting Plate and Trucks S   Lite Track Inside End S 


Get your young player started off on the right foot. Build proper technique and strength & conditioning.