PlayBack BLAST – Baseball  and  Soccer 

As a Pro Baseball Rebounder

Pitching…Fielding…Pop-Ups…Grounders.. .or as a catcher, practice Blocking and Handling the Ball. Take it to the field, gym, or use it at home indoors or outdoors. Practice your pitching….catching the ball from grounders or pop-ups. The PlayBack-Pro BLaST rebounder is the best rebounderto ever come to market for baseball. “Quick…Responsive…Challenging”

The Unit can be used in the horizontal position orstood up into the vertical position and can be adjusted at multiple angles.

PlayBack – BLaST in the vertical position with the upright legs installed

Two Suport legs quickly fold out to stand the unit up for action. Lawn spikes, floor feet, or vertical uprights are stored inside the folding legs. Low profile for pop-ups or elevating the ball high in the air


The unit is lightweight and portable and is made ofheavy gauge extruded anodized aluminum components. 52” Long X 36” High X 3” Deep (39 lbs.)