Drills on the PowerPlyos 

The PowerPlyos is the ultimate in plyometric exercise equipment. It allows the full range of drills designed to develop explosive power, quick response and hair-trigger reactions. It is now recognized that the winner is not usually the strongest, biggest or fastest. The victory most often goes to the that explosive individual that is “first to the ball or puck”. Plyometrics is a study of the techniques that develop that explosiveness and quickness. The following is a listing of the drills common on the PowerPlyos designed to to accomplish that development.


PowerPlyos-Cort-Jump-II Box Drills
Box Drills will increase the intensity of jumps and hops. These drills may include one, both or alternating legs. You can jump on or off the box.


Lateral-Jump-Josh Side Angle Jump Drill
The Side Angle Jump is a drill designed to develop the muscles and an explosive movement capability from side to side. It is performed on the PowerPlyos in the Side Angle Jump Box configuration. Develops the ability for a seemingly instantaneous change in direction in response to game requirements. Avoid that checker or tackler with effortless ease.


V-Jump-Kiersten “V” Angle Jump Drill
In the “V” Angle Jump Box configuration is shown another, less extreme, Side Angle Jump Drill suited for the beginners and experienced plyometric athletes alike. Basically develops the same muscle groups as the Side Angle Jump box exercise with a reduction in joint impact and stress.


Vertical-Jump-Cort Leaper Drill
In the Side Angle Jump Box configuration with the OPTIONAL Leaper Kit installed, you have the perfect tool to develop that unbelievable spring that gets that rebound or clears that opponent or obstacle.

There are numerous drill that can be performed on the PowerPlyos. These drills may include one, both, or alternating legs. You can jump on or off the box.

Leg Strength

  • Single leg step-up
  • Alternate leg step-up
  • Lateral step-up
  • Side-to-side step-up
  • Crossover step
  • Cross behind step
  • Crossover angle step
  • Side shuffle
  • Front shuffle
  • Back shuffle

 Vertical Power

  •  Jump to box
  •  Squat box jump
  • Lateral box jump
  • Front box jump
  • Multiple box jump
  • Vertical squat leap
  • One side skier
  • Side to side skier

 Lateral Power

  •  Jump from box
  • Angle hop
  • Lateral bound
  • Lateral lunge jump
  • Lateral hop