Safety Considerations

Plyometric training is intense. Consideration to age, experience, health, fitness, levels of strength, and past injuries must be determined and evaluated by the trainer for all participants. Having a good level of overall fitness is required for explosive power training. Before starting any exercise or conditioning program, consult your physician.

Plyometric training on the PowerPlyos System involves movements in all planes and directions, requiring whole body balance and stability to handle landings and adequate range of motion to handle full flexion, extension and various movement patterns.

From a readiness perspective, control the velocity of movement and speed of direction change until the athlete can achieve a safe, smooth and controlled landing. This means landing with good mechanics, absorbing the landing to minimize impact forces, and an ability to stick and hold the landing with solid stability. Whether a mature well-trained athlete or a young beginner, everyone should acclimate to new drills with slower and more controlled movements before progressing to fast and full-out efforts.

If you are not a personal trainer yourself, then it is strongly recommended that you consult a certified conditioning coach or qualified professional before performing plyometric training at any level.