The PowerPlyos converts into 4 different configurations in less than 1 minute

      (1)  Vertical Jump Boxes                   (2)  Side Angle Jump Box


(3)  Vertical Leaper (optional)                (4)  “V” Angle Jump Box

……when the game hangs in the balance, quickness makes the difference

Vertical Boxes (3 sizes), “V” Angle Jump Box, Side Angle Jump Box, and Vertical Leaper (optional); all in one easy configuration. Utilized for rehab and sports training.

Conversion from the Vertical Box configuration to the Side Angle or “V” Angle Box takes less than 60 sec.

Converts into 4 (four) different configurations in less than 1 minute


The vertical box configuration includes three rectangular heights. Center Box adjusts from 5 – 16″ and the Side Boxes adjust from 24″ – 32″ all 1″ increments. The platforms are 30” wide X 31” long covered with a durable anti-slip foam mat for soft landings. All edges are rounded

The side angle jump box features three planar positions with the ability to alter the angle of the two outside platforms. Combination jumps, steps, and rotations can be performed in this configuration.

Remove the center platform and you now convert the system into a “V” angle jump box for shorter, quicker, lateral jumps and lunges.

The vertical leaper (option)* consists of four 10’ long resistance cords providing resistance throughout the jump. Constant pull is provided in four corner positions directing the athlete to the center of the platform throughout the jump.The resistance cord can be easily adjusted to increase resistance by pulling the cord tighter through a cam cleat. .

Plyometric training on the PowerPlyos involves movements in all planes and directions, requiring whole body balance and stability to handle landings and adequate range of motion to handle full flexion, extension and various movement patterns.


  • Quick easy conversion to four different configurations (less than 2 minutes).
  • Rounded edges on platforms, thick durable rubber mat covers platforms,
  • Telescoping legs.
  • Optional Vertical Leaper includes 4 Standard Duty Cords 10’ long, hardware and waist belt.
  • Heavy duty extruded aluminum construction weighing up to 225 lbs.
  • Optional Medium Duty Leaper cord (4-10’ long), and Ankle/wrist Strap.
  • Vertical Box Heights: Center Box 5-16″, Outside Boxes 24” – 32”.
  • Dimensions:30”W X 96”L X 32”H
  • Ships Fully Assembled on a Pallet