The Strider Plus System & Accessories  

The Strider Plus is a one track system with a foot platform at the front. A gliding foot carriage called a truck rolls smoothly down the track on 8 wheels with sealed ball bearings. A resistance band is connected at the one end to the truck, then it wraps around a pulley at the front & back of the track and is connected to the front of the truck.

With the use of the Crossunder Attachment the unit allows for many exercises with one leg executing static stabilization while the other leg executes horizontal movement patterns. Add the Stabilization Bar for balance if needed. The foot press is adjustable for various angles of rehab for extension flexion of the ankle, hip, and knee.

New Strider Plus

Strider Plus Extreme Collage 2015 S

The unit is made from heavy duty extruded aluminum, steel and cabinet birch wood. Resistance cords of varying strengths and numerous attachment points provide multiple resistance levels. The basic unit comes with three levels of cords used singularly or in combination. The unit is used by all ages from children to adults and rehabilitation patients.