There are 100’s of exercises that can be performed with the PowerVertex. The limitations are generally related to the creativity of the trainer or therapist’s ability to replicate a movement. Whole body resistance training is for everyone in every walk of life, and not just for the athletic world.

Order the Rhino Cord Resistance Cord Strength Training DVD displaying 100 Exercises being used on the PowerVertex. There is a detailed description of each exercise followed by a short clip demonstrating each exercise. ($24.95.)

 Stand, Sit, or Squat while exercising with a PowerVertex | Powering Athletics
An individual can stand; sit with a bench, stool, chair, wheel chair, etc.; squat; and lay near the column in order to pull a band in any required direction in order to load the movement. Proximity to the column is relative to the exercise, load, and freedom of movement or space relative to partners involved simultaneously in the drills.


PowerVertex exercises are sport specific and span rehab and therapy use!
You as a trainer can determine the movement per your specific prescription spanning rehabilitation, therapy, to sports specificity. The PowerVertex becomes the mechanical assistant through out the activity.


Additional exercise tools can be incorporated into the workout routine or drill. Such devices may include: balance devices such balance boards, bosu balls, stability balls, balance discs, inflatable domes, etc; plyo boxes; vertical leaper belts & harnesses; weight benches; bar bells; stools; chairs; wheel chairs; hockey sticks; bats; racquets; baseballs, clubs; bars; straps such as single handle, double handle, triceps; rope; ankle, wrist, and thigh straps.