The mark of any good piece of fitness equipment is whether or not it helps you meet your goals. The problem with most equipment is that the users’ goals vary to an unbelievable extent across people of all ages and abilities. Some want to build muscle, some want to tone up, some want to get stronger for a particular sport (also extremely variable), and some want to do circuit training to help lose weight. Ideally, the piece of equipment would be able to be used by multiple people at once and all for their own goals. Realistically, it would also be nice if the equipment was compact and affordable. All of this is exactly what the PowerVertex is to fitness.

Whether you are training with teammates or family members, several individuals can use the PowerVertex at the same time! Not switching off from one to the next, but at EXACTLY same time! Not only can you workout together, but you can ALL be doing DIFFERENT exercises. When you are finished with one exercise simply change the set up (usually takes 30-60 seconds to change position and resistance) and move on to the next exercise without the need for everyone to change. It is so versatile that it can even be used with wheelchairs!

The PowerVertex provides both concentric and eccentric loading through resistance cords in positions and angles that make it the most versatile and user-friendly piece of equipment around. The resistance cords allow for very low resistance to very, very heavy resistance. Since the resistance is provided by the Rhino cords, there are no heavy plates or weight stacks making the PowerVertex quiet in addition to all the other great qualities.

Increasing exercise intensity is a key to building muscle, improving sports performance and increasing calorie burn. However, most machines make increasing speed difficult due to safety concerns of heavy moving parts. The PowerVertex allows for high speed movements and the need for deceleration and control. These are two huge factors in muscle development that are difficult to train without close supervision of a trained professional.

How much space do you have at home or in your facility for equipment? The PowerVertex takes up about the space of two treadmills sitting side by side. Few machines can pull off being that compact yet that versatile.

The PowerVertex is the perfect piece of exercise equipment for the ultimate in versatility, cost, space requirements, quietness, and ease of use. No other piece of equipment can accommodate multiple users of varying levels of fitness and goals all at the same time without sacrificing function or the performance of the users.