Customize the PowerVertex to fit your exercise demands 

Accessories & Options

Double Overhead Attachment 

The Double Overhead Attachment permanently attaches to the crown of the Column and provides for 2 Pull-Up Stations, 4 Lat-Pull Downs and 2 Overhead Bars that can be removed and used as Core Bars.

Single Overhead Attachment

The Single Overhead Attachment attaches anywhere on the Column and provides for 1 Pull-Up Stations, 2 Lat-Pull Downs and flipped over provides for a Dip Station as well as the Overhead Bar that can be removed and used as Core Bar.

CRObar Attachment (Core Rotational Overload)

The CRObar is a heavy duty steel sleeve on an universal swivel joint attachment that fits onto the Vertex Column. An Olympic Bar fits into the sleeve allowing the user to perform explosive arms and shoulder movements and other rotational exercises. Add weights for progression specific to the user. (Olympic Bar not included)

CORbar Attachment (Core Bar)

The CORbar is a 4 ft. long bar 1″ in diameter with cord attachment points on each end. Use for push, pull, squat or lift exercises by connecting either a single cord or a cord on both ends to perform your desired drill or exercise.

Tug Towel

Wheel Kit

Stabilization Handle

The stabilization handle is primarily used for rehabilitation allowing the user to hold onto a secure pointwhile they perform a specific drill withthe other hand, arm, or legs. The attachment fits onto the Vertex column by using any lock down and slides up and down the column to any desired height.

Lat Pull Down

The optional Lat Pull Down Attachment attaches to the column with a T-Slot Eye Bolt Lock-Down. You can add as many as you like around the column (up to 8) to perform overhead exercises with single handles, ropes, and bars. Cords snap into place quickly and easily. The unit is constructed of heavy duty steel.