Rhino Cords™   

Specially designed resistance bands are offered in 5 different weight ranges: Light (Rehab), Standard, Medium, Intermediate, and Heavy Duty).

The coaxial construction provides for a protective sheath encapsulating a network of rubber bands throughout the length of the cord.

Different exercises require different strength cords. Selecting the appropriate strength of cord relates to your strength level and the purpose of your training, be it toning, strength, power, etc.

Variable resistance comes through the concentric loading of the elastic cord – the greater the stretch, the greater the resistance. The elastic properties of the cord are transferred directly into the muscles that are opposing it. Free weights like barbells and dumbbells use gravity to develop resistance for your muscles to overcome. Rhino Cords produce force as they are stretched providing the muscles with resistance, thus increasing your strength, muscular endurance, increase your muscle size and tone your appearance.

All of this is done in a whole body multi-joint multi-planar movement on the PowerVertex utilizing the core as the center of power. Range of motion can be isolated to upper or lower body exercises or both.

Resistance loading can start from the foot traveling through the core up to the arms and shoulders. Such exercise is non-impact stretching and strengthening movements. These workouts are based on the principles of resistance training and physical therapy, and are designed to target multiple groups, lengthen the spine, improve balance and agility and promote flexibility.

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Rhino Cords™ Specifications

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