Activity Rack Accessoriest Collage J2

Choose from over 25 Optional Accessories to Customize Your Design

Add the following to any systmem:

  • Olympic Bar J-Cup Brackets
  • Olympic Bar Stands
  • Olympic Weight Plate Holders
  • Overhead Pull-Up Attachments
  • Overhead Bars (to build Monkey Bar assemblies)
  • Rope Spools (mount Vertical or Horizontal)
  • CRObar (landmine attachment)
  • Suspension Trainers
  • Dip Attachment
  • Resistance Bands (Safety Toners)
  • Legs with Tie-Downs for Lifts & Vertical Jump
  • Vertical Jumper (Waist Belt & Cords)
  • Med Ball Rebounder
  • Med Ball Shelves
  • Gel Filled Med Balls
  • Plyo Jump Box (adjustable)
  • CORbar (Rip Trainer)
  • Waist Belt (3 pt & 5 pt attachments)
  • Ankle/Wrist & Thigh Straps
  • Rhino Cords with Pulleys & HandlesRhino Bar (Rip Trainer with Handle)
    • Light Duty (Up to 10 lbs)
    • Stnadard Duty (Up to 24 lbs)
    • Medium Duty (Up to 50 lbs)
    • Intermediate Duty (Up to 70 lbs)
    • Heavy Duty (Up to 95 lbs)
  • Slings
  • Sit-Up Attachment
  • Eye Bolt Lock-Downs (sliding T-Slot attachment points)

Activity Rack Accessoriest Collage J2

Custom Build any size Activity Center to fit your space and needs

Choose from several T-Slot Profiles to create any size Acitivity Training System

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