Introducing T-Slot Extrusions to build Activity Racks (Smart Power Racks)….the next generation in functional training Power Racks

Powering Athletics is taking functional training to a whole new level with their “erector set exercise” product line. These racks are never outdated, expandable; from Wall Units to large Gym sets for functional training!

Now you can make EVERY move count and do more in less space! Regain your freedom from the constraints of the physical dimensions of the fitness center, clinic, or gym and have a functional power rack system that is fit to you!



Activity Rack Plus Angle View J

St. Johns College High School | Powering Athletics

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 “Game Changer”

St. John’s College High School is committed to the academic, spiritual, cultural, and physical development of our student-athletes. We believe that sports provides life lessons so every student shall have the opportunity to succeed.
During the winter, we worked with Ron Bulloch of Powering Athletics to remodel our 2,000 square-foot weightroom. The goal was to use the space more effectively and efficiently for the 800 student-athletes who comprise our 30 boys’ and 30 girls’ sports teams. Bulloch took the time to review the room, discuss our needs, and then provide a solution. The final design has 10 stations, each outfitted with a platform and a Powering Athletics Activity Rack so we can have four athletes at a time on one station.
For the girls, the new design is very important because the old school weightroom was modeled for football training. Today, we understand that balance, strength, and movement work in concert to develop proper athleticism in all of our athletes. We know that this also helps reduce the risk of injury.
With a wide variety of attachments, the athlete can do band work within the rack or outside the rack as well all perform squats and lifts on the platform. A full squad can complete its workout in one hour so the room is available for the next team.
Our new weight room with equipment and design from Powering Athletics is a game changer.

 Brian P. Griffin
 Athletics Director & Head of Athletic Development
 St. John’s College High School
 Washington, DC

Cratos Health Wellness Sport Performance Center in Des Moines Iowa installed two full Activity Racks with Monkey Bar Set Ups and two Private Studio Units that are a smaller footprint for private sessions. 

Cratos Activity Racks 4 J



Cratos Activity Racks 6 J

Buy Set Designs or Build Custom configurations

Triangle Config Square Config Rectangle Config
 Triangle Footprint Configuration  Square Footprint Configuration  Rectangle Footprint Configuration
Full-Rack Double-Config
 Full Rack You can add Racks together with Monkey Bars to custom fit your gym!


Activity Rack Narrow Wall S ARX41R30-48-96 Narrow Angle View SARX4R1304896 with Acc

Narrow Wall Unit Configuration

You can add, expand, and evolve your Activty Rack by adding attachments and linking up multiple racks with Monkey Bars. 

Add from a selection of accessories to build the functional training rack of your dreams that matches your style of training.

The Powering Athletics aluminum T-Slot profiles are the cornerstone of the “Functional Training Erector Set Systems. Choose from several T-Slot profiles to create any size Activity Training System.  You can also choose from over 25 Optional Accerssories to Customize Your Design.


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Join several Racks togther…create any set you want such as the system in Ignite 360 / IMG Academies in Florida as seen below

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Customize…you can add on as many features and workouts on to the Activity Racks as you want just like St. John’s College High School in Washington DC! Check out their new fitness set up!

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Available Set Designs:

2 Sided Activity Racks | Powering Athletics3 Racks with Monkey Bars | Powering Athletics