ATX102 2 S

ActivityTrak Tri-Wall Unit

Looking to save on space, then the 3 track T-Slot design is the best choice over a standalone PowerVertex. The AT101 comes without the two Legs. The AT102 unit includes two (2) legs for Lifts, and squats. There are 3 Track mounted to a Steel Shroud that is fastened to the wall with two (2) straps located on the back side of the structure.

This gives you three (3) T-Slots to perform similar exercises as you would with a stand alone unit. Use the optional straps, belts, bars, pull-ups, pull-downs, and Olympic Bar rotations. Refer to the PowerVertex Pages for more information on accessories, exercises, and options.

The legs on the AT102 makes the unit extremely secure due to the fact that it is supported at the floor as well as the wall.

There are 5 levels of Rhino Cords to choose from for resistance The picture below is of the AT102 with legs.

ATX102 2 S