The First ever Shooting Device that Tracks & Strengthens the Full Slap Shot

Improve your Hockey Shot – wrist, slap, backhand, & snap shot…at home! 

The ActivityTrak Hockey Shot Trainer Package is the first hockey shooting device to train hockey shooting with an unique tracking concept. Unlike other tubing products that have been used in the market, the ActivityTrak Hockey Shot Trainer Package uses specially designed resistance bands and pulley system to follow the travel of the stick movement. The load remains constant through the full range of motion.

The new aluminum extrusion design allows to expand the ActivityTrak to add the leg extension and now incorporate hockey-specific training movements as well as vertical lifts.


“The first ever hockey training system for your shot that will increase the players strength & shot, guaranteed” – Sean Skinner, Professional Skills Coach

HockeyShotTrainer with Sean Skinner

“The Thrill of every game is in finding the back of the net…there is nothing more exciting” 

The ActivityTrak Hockey Shot Trainer Package:

  • Tracks the correct swing
  • Prevents the wrap around
  • Strengthens the Slap shot, wrist shot, snap shot & backhandshot
  • Increases the stick swinging speed
  • Increases the shot speedIncreases hand quickness
  • Increases the wrist and forearm strength
  • Strengthens the small, quick motion of the snap shot
  • Increases the push pull strength and speed
  • Increases the power of the usually weak back hands
  • Allows younger players to learn & use the snap shot early

HockeyWristor Attachment

The optional HockeyWristor trains the forearm in the exact same way a player uses their forearms in all the hockeyshots. The HockeyWristor is the first ever device that mimics the wrist/forearm movement in the supination,pronation, extensor, flexor muscle snap needed to execute every hockey shot. Wrist rollers will strengthen the muscles in the wrist/forearm but not nearly as effective as the HockeyWristor because all wrist rollers do not allow the hands/wrists to work in opposites. Train with your own hockey stick using the HockeyWristor in the same way you would roll your wrists when you shoot on the ice.

HockeyWristor: Work out like your on the ice

Four Levels of Resistance Cords

  Light Duty Cord Set for Ages 10 & Under




  Standard Duty Cord Set for Ages 11-15




   Medium Duty Cord Set for Ages 16 & Up




 Intermediate Duty Cord Set for Junior, College, & Pros





Construction: The unit mounts to the wall and is constructed of aluminum extrusion. The system includes two resistance bands with quick attach ends, pulleys, a blade attachment strap, and hardware. 


Improve your hockey shot – wrist, backhand, slap, & snap shot