Physical Medicine Equipment for Rehabilitation 

Many of Powering Athletics products are used in physical medicine (rehabilitation) market. Products span a simple “sit to stand” to complex exercises. The PowerWristor is designed to rehab the forearm hand and wrist. The PowerVertex covers a wide range of treatments encompassing integrated whole body movement. The PowerPress is a lower body (leg press) and upper body (pilates) system. The PlayBack Pro Medicine Ball Rebounder is more than a rebounder, it is a complete plyometric system used by many physical therapists and athletic trainers. The Strider Plus is a lower body closed chain system.

PowerVertex: Whole Body Activity System | Powering Athletics

PowerWristor: Forearm Hand Wrist Sytem | Powering Athletics


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Activity Trak – Single Track or Tri-Unit

StriderPlus – lower body system

PowerVertex – whole body movement system

PowerVertex Wall Unit – whole body movement system

PowerPlyos – plyometric training system

PowerWristor – forearm extensor flexor system

PowerPress – lower extremity rehab system

PlayBack – Pro – medicine ball rebounder system and Stand-alone Ball Rack

TuffFlex – Soft Gel Filled Medicine Balls