The new PlayBack-Pro Medicine Ball Rebounder …more than just a rebounder

“As we continue to push functionality into products for the sports medicine industry, we are proud to bring everything we could have imagined, experienced, studied, and learned along the way, in the best rebounder the industry has ever seen…the PlayBack-Pro”  

Hands down, this is the BEST Rebounder out there! There isn’t another one even close for Quality, Quietness, and completely made of Extruded Aluminum

Make every move Count….You can do more in less space!  

                       …..a smart rebounder

PlayBack Pro Extreme Model – PB103E with every Option: Basic Unit, Ball Rack, 5 Balls, PlyoPlate, Upper Body Cords, Lower Body Cords, Weight Horn, & Wheel Kit.


Rugged…Durable…Ultra Quiet and multi-functional for any space!

The Secret to our Quiet Design is in the Spring Attachment. The Spring is attached to a Rib underneath the Frame Top or Skirt allowing the Spring to properly attach by the hook and to move freely with the depression of the Trampoline during use. No need for a flimsy Vinyl Skirt that tears easily. The Solid Aluminum Frame serves as the Skirt.

Whether it is used in a medical facility or the rugged environment of an athletic training center this sleek profile and practical design stands the test of time.

  •      Multi-functional plyometric system
  •      Constructed from rust resistant high grade 3/16” thick extruded aluminum alloy. 
  •      Hidden mechanical spring device.
  •       Built-In Skirt with a wide Aluminum Face bordering the Trampoline
  •      Trampoline is stronger than steel and 35% lighter.
  •      Totally enclosed Adjustment from 0 – 60 degrees
  •       1″ Increment Decal Gauge for Adjustments
  •       Widest Foot Print on the floor of any rebounder
  •       Thick Rubber Mat glued to the bottom of the Frame for Grip
  •       Our Springs don’t break frequently like other rebounders 

Compare us to the competition…you will not find a higher quality, more rugged, versatile, and durable unit anywhere! Are you tired of noisy trampolines what bang, clank, rattle? Why doe a Med Ball Trampoline have to be against a wall? The PlayBack Pro is the QUIETEST, most STABLE Rebounder on the market that can be used in the middle of the room.

Check this video out

No other Medicine Ball Rebounder comes with so many options to offer functionality, versatility, in the same footprint.

  •       2 Tier Stand Alone Ball Rack
  •       TuffFlex Soft Sided Gel Filled Medicine Balls
  •       Upper Extremity Cords
  •       Lower Extremity Cords
  •       PlyoPlate
  •       Weight Horn
  •       Wheel Kit

The PlayBack Pro Rebounders can be used as a:

  •      Jogger
  •      Balance trainer
  •      Lunge stability trainer
  •      Lower body flexibility trainer
  •      Plyometric training
  •      Resistance cord trainer
  •      Sports specific conditioning system

AND the perfect medicine ball exercise partner, always available, never too strong or too tired, and always returning the ball at the correct angle, speed and force.  

PlayBack Pro Basic Unit – Model #PB100 

PlayBack Pro

The new PlayBack™ Pro is made up of:


Twenty eight inch (28”) square rebounding surface – providing the most versatile rebounding system available.

Quick-responsive rebounding surface with thirty six springs – allowing for a “true” return of a ball and comfortable standing surface, where 100 % of the spring mechanism is hidden for extra safety.

Trampoline is constructed with heavy webbing, 6 rows of stitching and loop rings sewn into the webbing.

Adjustment – 0 to 60°

Designed with an Adjuster Knob and a Trampoline Adjuster Bracket – to change the angle of the PlayBack™, that is quick and easy to adjust between the angles of zero (parallel to the floor) to 60° . The totally enclosed Adjuster prevents the Trampoline from disconnecting from the Adjuster and falling. It also secured the Trampoline at Infinite Angles between 0 & 60° .

Stabilization handle – is a Round T-Slot Aluminum Extrusion for support when performing balance, stabilization and jogging exercises.

The Large Adjuster Knob secures the Adjuster Bracket on the Trampoline to the Adjuster and is easy to Torque the Knob tight.

There is a Number Indicator Decal affixed to the Rib of the T-Slot on the Adjuster that is in 1″ increments making it easy to select a height anywhere along the Adjuster.  

Frame – Base & Trampoline Construction

Heavy duty construction – base, trampoline frame, and adjuster are made of 3/16″ thick extruded aluminum T-Slot Material with an Anodized finish.

Base frame has the most floor surface area (411 sq. inches) of any other trampoline on the market that is covered with mat material providing for stability and grip.

The Trampoline Frame is specially designed for the installation of the Trampoline and Springs. The L-Shaped Extruded Aluminum Frame top hides the springs removing the need for a skirt like all the other rebounders on the market. The Spring attachment Rib isolates the spring under the top and allows the spring to attach properly making it extremely quiet.

Ball Rack


Optional Two Tier Stand-A-Lone Ball Rack – to store your medicine balls

Anodized Extruded Aluminum Construction with Steel Powder Coat Trays. Wide Base for stability.

Easy to assemble in only a few minutes.