They call it the first step…explosive power…develop speed and stride power with the PlyoMaxed “Russian Box” system  

Any sport that requires SPEED, EXPLOSIVE POWER, FIRST STEP, or LATERAL MOVEMENT will benefit from using the PlyoMaxed system

As an example in the sport of hockey Plyometric Skating Stride Jumps are the best plyometric exercises for skating…developing deep knee bends for the skating stride is key to skating, so why not train the muscles in a lateral jump / lunge position!

Execute Russian Box Skating Jumps on the PlyoMaxed The PlyoMax allows you to perform hockey specific drills for both concentric and eccentric lateral explosive jumps through multi-joint movements resulting in speed, quickness, and power.

Develop Explosive Leg Power….Improve Balance….Increase Speed & Endurance….Build Quickness & Agility

Used by the NHL, KHL, NFL, NCAA, and various Training Facilities across all sports around the world.



  • Adjustable Jumping length from 6 1/2 ft.’ to 8.1/2 ft. in 6” increments with Connector Shaft.
  • Quick easy angle conversion.
  • Thick durable mat covers on each platform.
  • Platform is 36″ X 36″ (1296 sq. in.)
  • Heavy Duty Extruded Aluminum construction.
  • Dimensions:36”W X 114”L X 30”H
  • Totally enclosed Adjuster with Locking Pins
  • Four Adjustment Angles – 15°, 20°, 25°, 30°
  • Mat Material Glued to Frame Bottom for Grip on smooth Floors

Single Angle Jump Box Configuration or Double or use in the Staggered Multiple Box Configuration for forward Hockey Strides 


Design Features