Hockey Training Products

Powering Athletics manufactures 8 training devices that are used in hockey training. Four of the 8 are specific to skating – PowerSkater, PowerSkater Lite – Skating Slide Board, Single Skater – half of a PowerSkater, and the ProSkater. Other hockey training products are: PlyoMaxed – Russian Box, PowerPlyos, Hockey Shot Trainer, and the PlayBack Passer.. The PowerSkater and ProSkater are used from youth to the NHL in North America and the KHL in Russia.  

Our Products are used by many Teams and Organizations

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PowerSkater Lite – teaching young players skating technique

PowerSkater – dry land training system “Canada’s miracle off ice”

PowerPlyos – combination jumping box “Russian Box”

PlyoMaxed – lateral jumping box system “Russian Box”

Hockey Shot Trainer – hockey shot system “slap, wrist, backhand, and snap shot”

ProSkater – elite skating system “ice hockey and speed skating”

TEKNObar – used on the PowerSkater & ProSkater

PowerVertex – whole body movement, core strength, and balance

Powering Athletics also provides an extensive line-up of sports performance products for strength and conditioning for all ages of hockey players.