The PowerWristor Improves Strength, Range of Motion and Flexibility in the forearm, hand and wrist.

The forearms are the muscles between the elbow and the wrist. The forearm is comprised of various muscle groups such as flexors, extensors, supinators and pronaters along with major nerves and arteries that facilitate movement of hands, elbows, wrists, fingers and thumbs. Your forearms control most of your gripping strength and help with activities like swinging a hockey stick, a golf club, a tennis racquet or baseball bat, or throwing a ball; your forearms also help with fine motor skills such as writing, drawing or playing a guitar or piano.

The PowerWristor allows for the user to perform flexion, extension, ulnar and radial deviation movements.

The PowerWristor is designed to help strengthen your forearm, hand, wrist and finger muscles; as well as rehabilitation of forearm, wrist and hand function following wrist injuries and surgeries. The system is a table top device for exercising, rehabilitating and/or strengthening the muscles, tendons and ligament in the hands, wrists and/or forearm, as well as enabling the simultaneous improvement in the full range of motion in these areas. Athletes will benefit because it is designed to help strengthen your hand and wrist muscles.

 Wristor Supination Pronation Attachment S
…whether in the clinic or at home…

• Application of a wide range of forces. 
• Prolonged variable-load stretch similar to dynamic splinting. 
• Increased range of motion. 
• Stretch to decrease adhesion, post injury. 
• Soft tissue mobilization post fracture, crush, burn injury and more. 
• Customized fit for each patient with proper alignment and stabilization. 
• Applicable for various phases of recovery.
• Encourages patient participation with measurable goal setting.
• Lightweight portability for use in clinic or home program.

The PowerWristor is as easy to setup as it is to use.

The PowerWristor Material of Construction

The PowerWristor® construction is very durable, but yet lightweight for ease of use and portability. The stainless steel platform and handle is easy to clean and provides for a sturdy base of construction. The deep, thick polypropylene arm supports are easily adjustable for comfort and fit of most forearms. The sturdy foam hand grip is adjustable in 3 positions allowing hand/finger length adjustments. A range of motion indicator is Lexon coated for protection and ease of cleaning. Resistance bands of various sizes have a nylon braided outer surface isolating the cord from abrasions and reducing wear. All components are corrosion resistant under normal use. Rubber support feet provide table protection and grip under use.

Multiple Resistance/Tension Bands

Depending on the diagnosis and problems, you may wish to begin with a thin tension band initially, then gradually increase the bands thickness as the patient tolerates it.

Portable – the unit weighs only 15 lbs.