Today’s Game is all about Explosive Speed!

The ProSkater is for the Elite Athlete with a Strong Core (Junior, College, & Professional Players). For less skilled or younger players please refer to the PowerSkater product. 

ProSkater in full extension

Adjusts from 90° to 180°

The ProSkater is fully adjustable from 90 degrees all the way to 180 degrees

The PowerSkater has been a proven off ice solution used by the Pros and training facilities throughout North America for years. The biggest difference between the new Proskater model and the original unit is the ability to allow the skater to adjust the angle of the leg extension from 90° to180° as well as the hip opening for each stride.

Improve your skating and you will improve every part of your game

A Strong Lower Body is Key to Great Skating Legs 

We all admire athletes who are the best at their game regardless of the sport. Skating is the foundation of hockey and skating with explosive speed has now become a standard of the game. Some players have the genetic ability to produce incredible power to skate fast even when they have not refined every technical aspect of their skating technique. Many others must refine every technical element in order to develop their skating. Technique is the most important component of skating. Without proper technique; muscle strength, speed, quickness, agility and power are virtually wasted through inefficient movement. On the other hand, utilizing proper technique allows you to exploit good muscle strength and power.

ProSkater in Action | Powering Athletics

The ProSkater is the first skating machine to adjust from 90° to 180°. Set the pushing leg extension angle and the hip opening angle to the players’ specific training needs. Whether you are a hockey player, speed skater, figure skater, or an in-line skater, this machine will accommodate your personal stride technique. The ProSkater has been designed for the advanced athlete with a good level of overall fitness, strength and conditioning as well as athleticism.

Resistance Cords

Medium Intermediate Heavy

Available Cords for the ProSkater are Medium, Intermediate, and Heavy Duty Cords

Lateral Crossunder Attachment

This is the world’s first machine which forces you to stand and balance while building strength specifically for crossovers. The Lateral Crossunder attachment allows users to build strength, power and quickness inthe crossunder movement pattern. You can see this movement pattern in a variety of activities beyond skating. The ProSkater track squeezes in between the crossunder platform base holding it firmly in place.

Crossunder Attachment for the ProSkater | Powering Athletics

The ProSkater is made from heavy-duty extruded aluminum and steel. The unit comes with three levels of cords and the Double Crossunder. The unit with the crossunder weighs approximately 108 lbs and is shipped by UPS in 4 boxes.(Dimensions: 90° Triangle Shape 8’ 3” Base, 5’ 6” sides, 3 1/2” high off floor, 4’1” from front of the machine to the back or 10’ 6” long at 180°).

Skate like a Pro…Train on a ProSkater