Developing Speed – PowerPlyos upping the Game

Why Consider Plyometrics? 

They call it the first step. It’s how you beat your man to the puck, off the dribble or to the line. And when the game hangs in the balance quickness makes the difference, especially when you’re going one on one.

Only a select number of athletes are born with explosive power, but for those with desire, dedication and the dream, Plyometrics can make the difference between winning and losing. More and more of the world’s elite players are turning to Plyometrics to build explosive power, acceleration, flexibility and strength, but it’s not only for the pros. With the help of the PowerPlyos System, you can develop the quickness and power necessary to take you to the next level.

No matter your sport, the PowerPlyos System allows you to perform drills for both concentric and eccentric actions through multi-joint movements, resulting in dynamic muscle contractions. Through an array of jumps, hops, flexions, extensions and trunk rotations, the PowerPlyos lets you build the muscles and muscle memory to help you excel on your field, rink or track.

Develop Speed, Strength & Explosive Power. Building on the “jump” style of training, the PowerPlyos accommodates single leg strength, lateral movement, resisted vertical power and rotary power.

PowerPlyos-Cort-Jump-II Plos-Conversions

Today’s athletes are breaking records that many thought were unreachable! Major advances in conditioning techniques and training equipment such as the PowerPlyos System are playing a key role in redefining what athletes can achieve.

The Quickest athlete will dominate in many sports, especially one on ones.

Over the past decade, Plyometric training (Jump Training) has become an integral part in athletic training programs of a wide number of trainers and coaches in almost every sport. Plyometric exercises will produce a stronger, faster, and quicker athlete. Certainly human strength and power are two main attributes required by athletes in sports.

Plyometric training is now used in a wide range of sports such as: tennis, baseball, football, basketball, volleyball, skiing, speed skating, swimming, gymnastics, track and field, weightlifting, cycling, running, hockey, etc. All sports involve acceleration and range of motion, along with varying degrees of intensity and speed. Power is quite often thought to include strength, force and energy. Power is a key component of many sports. Plyometrics is a way to develop explosive power.

Building on the “jump” style of training, PowerPlyos accommodates single leg strength, lateral movement, resisted vertical power and rotary power. The key to successful transfer to the sport environment is that the PowerPlyos builds only closed kinetic chain strength and dynamic power, and allows independent leg action.