Rehabilitation of the Back, Hips, Groin, Knees, and Ankles 

Develop Strength…Power…Flexibility…Motor Control…Balance and Agility

New Design Collage J

Please Note: The Strider Plus has been redesigned with a new front platform construction made of Extruded Aluminum. All of the images have not been updated yet. The exercises shown are the same but the components may have changed to a new design to improve the product.

The StriderPlus™is a closed chain system that provides controlled horizontal resistance while the user maintains a vertical posture. With nothing to hold on to, the user must learn to maintain a balanced posture while forcing their trunk to develop a true “power-stabilization center”.

With its unique relationship of resistance vectors and user’s posture, the Strider will also promote quick and strong stabilization of the ankle, knee, hip and back. Athletes from tennis, basketball, soccer and all other sports, which utilize a lateral, forward and backward lunge actions benefit from the Strider.

The Strider Plus is a one track design with a foot platform at one end of the track. Add the Stability Bar for balance and stabilization.


The optional Press Plate may be added for rehabilition of the knee and ankle.

With the use of the Crossunder Attachment the unit allows for many exercises with one leg executing static stabilization while the other executes horizontal movement patterns.

The Strider is made from heavy-duty extruded aluminum, high grade cabinet birch wood, and steel. Resistance cords of varying strength are attached to the truck and pulley system. The basic unit comes with 3 levels of cords and is used by children to adult, rehabilitation patients and high-level athletes alike. The only difference is the application of the duty cords resistance and tension level applied.