Integrated Whole Body Movement from the Ground Up! 

The PowerVertex is a Resistance Band & Pulley Machine with specially designed resistance bands called Rhino Cords. The cords are configured to a 7 1/2′ (228.6 cm) Octagon Column that is fastened to a Heavy Steel Base and Dog Bone Legs. The unit is a stand alone structure that is not fastened to a floor. 8 Athletes or 8 Patients can exercise at one time. The PowerVertex becomes the Athletic or Therapist Partner for you can pull or push a resistance band (load) anywhere in the 7 1/2′ high column.

PowerVertex Collage | Powering Athletics


• Rehabilitation • Fitness • Sport-Specific Training • Health & Wellness • Strength Training •


Develop muscular balance – Build core stability – Train or Rehabilitate kinetic movement
Push, pull, sit, stand, lay, swing, rotate, lift & jump – Multi-joint movement patterns
Functional training with progressive resistance cords
A natural athletic assistant to develop legs, hips, trunk & upper body


Integrated Whole Body Movement – Rehabilitation or Sports Performance 

The multiple attachment points for the Rhino Cords™, make configuring the PowerVertex simple and flexible. The system can be set up to exercise virtually any muscle group. Add the Overhhead attachments, CRObar, CORbar, Rhinobar, Rope Spools, or Lat Pull Down to expand the utility of the system. Utilize additional exercise tools such as balance devices, plyo boxes, belts and straps, steps, chairs, stools, etc. The limitations of the system is in the imagination of the trainer or therapist.

Whole Body Movement